Fifty-Third Bedtime Story: לשון הרע

Read by the lovely duo. “The obstacle met by the fragmentary activities oblivious to others—by action oblivious to the dream—is thus surmounted when two beings in love physically unite. Shadows pursued to the point of an embrace are no less amazing than the remote creatures of legends. The sudden apparition of a woman seems to … Continue reading


Eric Cazdyn: ‘The Non-Coincidence of the Future’

Nov. 27 at 4:30 in Somerville House Room 2348 Eric Cazdyn is Distinguished Professor of Aesthetics and Politics at the University of Toronto, and teaches in the Centre for Comparative Literature and Department of East Asian Studies.  He is the author of several books, including The Flash of Capital: Film and Geopolitics in Japan (Duke, … Continue reading

Fifty-Second Bedtime Story: string me along and i’ll gently weep…

-Read by the dynamic duo themselves, and Posted here with gratitude.


Fifty-First Bedtime Story: L’hashkeev, l’vad oo yachad

Ode to the Bed! Offered by: SW and… “If no more certainty could be reached than this, why, it may be asked, have I brought this enquiry into public notice at all? I am sorry to say that even my justification for doing so cannot go beyond hints.” -Sigsimund S. Freud

Fiftieth Bedtime Story: Who’v’He, Shnai Kisoot…

English, she. -Sarah W. Spanish, he. -jaime br.

Forty-Ninth Bedtime Story: Ode to The Table in Two Tongues…

…A delightful duo… … from jaime br & Sarah w, with more on the way…


Frances Dyson: ‘Sound, Sense, and Sensing’

November 11, 4:30 – Somerville 2348 Dr. Frances Dyson is a visiting Professorial Fellow at the National Institute for Experimental Arts (University of New South Wales) and Emeritus Professor of Cinema and Technocultural Studies at the University of California (Davis). Her research interests are related to sensing, sound, new media, and the intersection of technology … Continue reading

And if not now--when?

Forty-Eighth Bedtime Story: Better Never Than Late

Poem by Andrew K. Attempted Reading by Ilya M. Sing your own song!


Forty-Seventh Bedtime Story: Apropos of The 23rd Letter…

A bit of Borges, offered by the wonderful Sarah W.

Theory Session: Vladimir Cristache, ‘The Glass Subject (of Modernity)’

Friday, November 7th, Somerville 2355 In contemporary photography criticism, emphasis, with respect to Walter Benjamin’ and Roland Barthes’ seminal works, is usually placed on the way this medium, coeval with the birth of modernity, has reorganized the viewer’s “experience” of the world, either, in Benjamin, turning it from Erfahrung to Erlebnis (at least retrospectively), or, … Continue reading


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