Mikhail Pozdniakov’s Theory Session: 3 October, 3:30pm

PROGRESSIVE HISTORY, GEOMETRY, HALLUCINATION “… the metamorphic aspect is most interesting. But pictorial metamorphosis of one item into the next is only one part of these compositions. … Such images portray the effects of the perceptual action that is necessary for things to be viewed in terms of progress. The most basic and important capacity … Continue reading


Chiasma: A Site For Thought; Issue #2 Call For Papers

Find out more about Chiasma here.

This term’s Theory Sessions!

For more about the Theory Sessions, click here.

dross: (de)compositions

Last year Jon Nyman organized a creative writing workshop group that met throughout the year and, in the end, produced a small publication: dross: (de)compositions. The collection contains poems by Geoffrey Morrison, John Nyman, Derek Shank and Nathan TeBokkel as well as a short story by Brittany Harnum and illustrations by Joshua TeBokkel. Copies can … Continue reading

“Jimmy, we hardly knew ye” (from allanpero.com)

This is a bit old now, but it is another excellent musing from Allan Pero. Check out Allan’s blog here: http://allanpero.com/ Allan’s post also reminds me of the essay ‘Ceremony’ by Ander Monson (I could only find an excerpt of it here). For an inverse take on the issue of dying politicians, I invite you … Continue reading

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critical-theory.com features Chiasma

Check it out here. Also, you can always read the issue from the Chiasma website.

Chiasma Issue #1 now available for sale and free download!

You can get a copy (physical or electronic) here.    

Chiasma Launch Party!

From Alayna Jay’s ‘Editor’s Introduction': Chiasma: A Site for Thought was established in September 2013 as an annual, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal to further the disruption, generation and dispersion of theory. Each year we will feature invited essays, peer-reviewed articles, and solicited reviews of books and of academic fields, from both established and emerging scholars. While … Continue reading

Nick Srnicek: ‘The Eyes of the State’

Wednesday, April 9th at 3:30 in Somerville House, 2348

Alenka Zupančič, ‘Power and Comedy’

Friday, April 4th 3:30pm, Somerville House 3317


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