Allan Pero: Chakma as Symptom

From Allan’s post: “Like many of my fellow faculty, I am deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis at Western.  This crisis did not begin with the discovery of President Chakma’s outrageous double-dipping; it did not begin with the confusing and malignant misrepresentation of this double-dipping by Board of Governors Chair Shah as perhaps par for … Continue reading

Sacred games

An old and corrupted nation which will bravely free itself from the yoke of its monarchist government in order to become a Republic will only be able to maintain itself with a lot of crimes; because it is already criminal and if it wanted to pass from crime to virtue, that is to say from … Continue reading

Fifty-Ninth Bedtime Story: A New Day Begins…

Read, beautifully, by my homie SW. 

Chiasma: A Site For Thought, No. 2, ‘What Now, Professor?’

The second issue of Chiasma: A Site For Thought, entitled, ‘What Now, Professor?’ features essays by Bernard Stiegler, Levi R. Bryant, Eileen A. Joy, and Will Samson. You can read it here.


Fifty-Eighth Bedtime Story: whose vision is at stake here?

-The dynamic duo lives on… “Mais enfin, que croyez-vous que j’éprouve lorsque le nom de zarathoustra sort de la bouche des antisémites!” …larmes de Nietzsche, dé-centré.

Fifty-Seventh Bedtime Story: Now I must sing of what I would not do…

-Recorded and Posted with Love(s). …”What’s in a name?”, Lenin’s father whispered…


Fifty-Fourth Bedtime Story: Bowowow

-S.W. avec <3 J.R. avec bowowowowowowowowow

Curtis Allen: ‘Deleuze Through Wittgenstein’

Congrats to recent T&C graduate Curtis Allen, whose MA thesis “Deleuze Through Wittgenstein: Essays in Transcendental Empiricism” was among the five most popular theses downloaded from the online repository in the month of October! This thesis undertakes a comparative study of the philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Ludwig Wittgenstein to elaborate three related problems in what … Continue reading


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