Chiasma: A Site For Thought, No. 2, ‘What Now, Professor?’

The second issue of Chiasma: A Site For Thought, entitled, ‘What Now, Professor?’ features essays by Bernard Stiegler, Levi R. Bryant, Eileen A. Joy, and Will Samson. You can read it here.


Fifty-Eighth Bedtime Story: whose vision is at stake here?

-The dynamic duo lives on… “Mais enfin, que croyez-vous que j’éprouve lorsque le nom de zarathoustra sort de la bouche des antisémites!” …larmes de Nietzsche, dé-centré.

Fifty-Seventh Bedtime Story: Now I must sing of what I would not do…

-Recorded and Posted with Love(s). …”What’s in a name?”, Lenin’s father whispered…


Fifty-Fourth Bedtime Story: Bowowow

-S.W. avec <3 J.R. avec bowowowowowowowowow

Curtis Allen: ‘Deleuze Through Wittgenstein’

Congrats to recent T&C graduate Curtis Allen, whose MA thesis “Deleuze Through Wittgenstein: Essays in Transcendental Empiricism” was among the five most popular theses downloaded from the online repository in the month of October! This thesis undertakes a comparative study of the philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Ludwig Wittgenstein to elaborate three related problems in what … Continue reading


Sneak Peak: The Pride Library’s new Georges Bataille collection…

Over 100 titles, some unpublished notes and manuscripts, signed copies and first editions in abundance… Here are just a few photos of what will soon be open for all to enjoy… and a song for this sin:

On the ‘Neuro’ Turn in the Humanities

Friday, November 28th, 12:30, Somerville House 2348 Abstract: Philosophers have done a lot of stupid things. From drinking hemlock to endorsing the Nazi party, it’s sometimes amazing that these lovers of wisdom have the mental fortitude to put their pants on in the morning. This theory session attempts to correct some of continental philosophy’s most … Continue reading

Fifty-Third Bedtime Story: לשון הרע

Read by the lovely duo. “The obstacle met by the fragmentary activities oblivious to others—by action oblivious to the dream—is thus surmounted when two beings in love physically unite. Shadows pursued to the point of an embrace are no less amazing than the remote creatures of legends. The sudden apparition of a woman seems to … Continue reading


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