Sixty-fifth bedtime story: the Realness of strangers

-the realest    “No one believes in his own death. Or, to put the same thing in another way, in the uncon- scious every one of us is convinced of his own immortality…”

Sixty-Fourth Bedtime Story: Fissures and Spirals

-MB From the labor pains of a dancing star in the snow-covered hot-spot of the belle pr…..  


Sixty-third bedtime story: homies are as homies do

-KK. Live from the streets of MTL.

Sixty-first Bedtime story: Say word?

Word is bond, inwardly inscribed for some… …some scribblings from the diary of a madman: Words and Furies The horror and despair at so much bloody flesh, nauseating in part, and in part very beautiful was fairly equivalent to our usual impression upon seeing one another -Lord Auch Words fuck me at all times. They … Continue reading


Allan Pero: Chakma as Symptom

From Allan’s post: “Like many of my fellow faculty, I am deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis at Western.  This crisis did not begin with the discovery of President Chakma’s outrageous double-dipping; it did not begin with the confusing and malignant misrepresentation of this double-dipping by Board of Governors Chair Shah as perhaps par for … Continue reading

Sacred games

An old and corrupted nation which will bravely free itself from the yoke of its monarchist government in order to become a Republic will only be able to maintain itself with a lot of crimes; because it is already criminal and if it wanted to pass from crime to virtue, that is to say from … Continue reading

Fifty-Ninth Bedtime Story: A New Day Begins…

Read, beautifully, by my homie SW and J. 

Chiasma: A Site For Thought, No. 2, ‘What Now, Professor?’

The second issue of Chiasma: A Site For Thought, entitled, ‘What Now, Professor?’ features essays by Bernard Stiegler, Levi R. Bryant, Eileen A. Joy, and Will Samson. You can read it here.


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